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DESCARGAR - DOWNLOAD Pere Ubu - Long Live Pere Ubu (2009)

El proyecto era necesario. Hacer algo con Jarry. El resultado aun me pide más escuchas, pero empieza a cuajarme. Y la colaboración visual con los hermanos Quay no hace más que sumar un atractivo evidente.

Se escuchan ecos de Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, The Residents, incluso Danny Elfman… Pero no nos engañemos, llevan más de 30 años trabajando. Son, como mucho eso, ecos. Pero esto va más allá...

"Long Live Père Ubu!" is not background music. It's not "fun" music. It's an intellectual and conceptual challenge and as viciously satirical as Jarry's original. "If you're not going to listen to this with the same effort you'd devote to a literary novel, you're wasting your time," Thomas says. "It's long past time for rock music to grow up and move past the simpering platitudes or Tom Joad cant that passes for serious thought. All hail the survival of the Unfit!"

"Brutal, lacking charm, and without redeeming values, this is an album for our times," Pere Ubu founder David Thomas says. "It is, in fact, the only punk record that's been made in the last 30 years.

1. Ubu Overture (2:42)
2. Song Of The Grocery Police (1:46)
3. Banquet Of The Butchers (2:55)
4. March Of Greed (3:35)
5. Less Said The Better (2:31)
6. Big Sombrero (Love Theme) (3:47)
7. Bring Me The Head (3:40) 8. Road To Reason (3:55)
9. Slowly I Turn (4:25)
10. Watching The Pigeons (3:21)
11. The Story So Far (7:57)
12. Snowy Livonia (1:19)
13. Elsinore & Beyond (1:35)

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Pompeyo dijo...

Long live, indeed!

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Dale caña Pompeyo!