lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

DESCARGAR-DOWNLOAD Meredith Monk - Facing North (1990)

1. The voice as a tool for discovering, activating, remembering, uncovering, demonstrating primordial/prelogical consciousness

2. The voice as a means of becoming, portraying, embodying, incarnating another spirit.

3. The dancing voice. The voice as flexible as the spine.

4. The voice as a direct line to the emotions. The full spectrum of emotion. Feelings that we have no words for.

5. The vocal landscape

6. The body of the voice/the voice of the body

7. The voice as a manifestation of the self, persona or personas.

8. Working with a companion (the accompanying instrument: organ, piano, glass, etc): repeated paterns or drone creating a carpet, a tapestry of sound for the voice to run on, fly over, slide down, cling to, weave through.

9. The voice as language.

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